<p><font face="Arial"><strong>Future Prospect & Development</strong></font></p><p> </p>

Strong R&D capabilities in developing silicone rubber products and comprehensive development plan facilitate upstream development and rapid business growth.

Standing out in the competition, Vitar has strong R&D capabilities in developing silicone rubber products with suitable materials that can assure the highest cost efficiency and most effective application of the end products.

Comprehensive plan for developing upstream business mapped out involving setting up a silicone production line to ensure access to material supply for producing high quality silicone rubber and raise profit margin.

Professional research and development team works with production team to optimize operations and raise cost effectiveness, including selecting and blending of silicone rubber, and developing new and improving existing production processes. Recent R&D efforts on silicone rubber products:

-       Increased high-temperature and high-pressure resistance of electric wiring and tubing products for sophisticated household electrical appliances and developed silicone-based electric wires that can be used in an environment of temperature up to 250oC.

-       Improved production by developing new production process for coating fibre-glass tubes with silicone rubber using solvent-free method

-       Actively explored markets for silicone-based tubing products in healthcare industry and automobile industry.

To raise production efficiency, market shares and profit margin and facilitate rapid development, Vitar has drawn up the following plans:

-       Invest in two additional production lines for three products, namely fibre-glass sleeving, silicone-based tubes and high-temperature electric wires.

–     Continue to develop new products and production methods, simplify production processes and maintain high product quality and stability.

–     Expand sales network thereby business coverage by opening representative offices in four cities in China, namely Nanhai, Wuzhou, Ningbo and Qingdao.

–     Enhance market recognition of the “VITAR” brand by attending major trade exhibitions and through other targeted marketing and promotional activities.